Welcome to Klein's Professional Responsibility Onscreen!

The Professional Responsibility Onscreen project is associated with the Summer and Fall 2017 Professional Responsibility classes at the University of La Verne College of Law, Ontario, California. My intention and hope is that subscribers and visitors to the blog will upload video content from scripted television and motion pictures that raises issues of professional responsibility (under state law and/or the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility), and discuss those issues.  All those who post are individually responsible for compliance with all applicable copyright law, and no copyright is claimed in any video clips posted here.

Ready to Grade Portlandia (Season 4 Episode 4) (12/26/15) MR 1.8(j)

READY TO GRADE How to Get Away with Murder, "It's for the Greater Good" (Season 4, Ep.3) (10/12/2017): Lawyer terminating representation of client (MR 1.16(a)(2))

"Ted 2" (2015) : New Lawyer Competence (MR 1.1)

Conan (Season 7, Ep. 102) (6/21/2017): "Jay Sekulow" and Lawyer Advertising (MR 7.1)

Arrested Development, "Borderline Personalities" (Season 4, Ep.2) (05/26/13): Incompetent subordinate lawyer, incompetently supervised, advises criminal conduct (MR 1.1, MR 5.1, MR 1.2(d))

Family Guy, "A Shot in the Dark" (Season 14, Ep. 9) (12/13/2015):

"The Godfather" (1972): Consigliere helps plot revenge murder (MR 1.2(d), MR 1.16, MR 1.6)

"The Lincoln Lawyer" (2011): Withdrawal, former client conflict, confidentiality (MR 1.16, MR 1.9, MR 1.6)

Daredevil, “Into the Ring” (Season 1, Ep. 1) (04/10/15): Solicitation (MR 7.3)

Divorce, "Gustav" (Season 1, Ep. 5) (11/06/16): Competence, fees (MR 1.1, MR 1.5)